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Broadscale Permaculture at Millpost Farm

by Judith Turley and David Watson In the hills east of Canberra, down a dusty lane that passes racehorses dozing in thick phalaris, and wild apple trees and thickets of plum and hawthorn, then winds up the Lake George escarpment through Yellow Box woodland full of finches, thornbills, cuckoo-shrikes, kookaburras and robins, there’s a rusty […]

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Annie and Adam in a medittive bliss

Finding pleasure in the free things in life

Australia is stupendously rich by world standards, and its citizens are spending their hard-earned dough in ever-greater quantities: $40 lunches, $200 shoes, $5 coffees. Many people still feel like they don’t have enough. We are clearly doing a Very Poor Job of turning our historically-unprecedented level of wealth into health and contentment. It seems a […]

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Open source Permaculture Guidebook for the tropics

A beautifully illustrated, practical, open-source guidebook tackling climate change and creating community resilience is being created, enabling people across the tropical world and beyond to have access to the information, strategies and techniques they need (and you can help make it happen!). Many of you may have heard about our project by now. Permatil (Permaculture […]

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A History from the Future eBooklet

A History from the Future

Here’s an excerpt from David Holmgren’s A History from the Future – a prelude to his upcoming book RetroSuburbia. A History from the Future: a prosperous way down Long time central Victorian resident and co-originator of the globally influential permaculture concept, David Holmgren draws on his Future Scenarios work to paint a picture of how […]

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Cultures, the world over, have made offerings to the spirit world for protection and to give thanks

The Sensitive Permaculturist

Alanna Moore has been a long time advocate of tuning into the subtle energies found in nature to enhance her practical permaculture design. She applies her learning from ancient and traditional cultures, with their grounding in caring for the earth and connection to spirit, in ways that challenge the way we see the physical world. […]

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Principles and Pathways updated for eBook

An extract of David Holmgren’s prologue from the newly released eBook edition of Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability The world has changed radically since Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (PP&PBS) was first published in 2002. By many environmental, economic and social measures, local communities and global systems are now in crisis and even […]

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David Holmgren reviews Inhabit

“the art and beauty of this film will make it attractive to audiences … but it is the substance underlying the beauty and passion that attracts me”   The explosion of doco’s about sustainability in recent year include a fair number that focus on permaculture and I have been interviewed in quite a few. The […]

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INHABIT - New Forest Farm

Leave more than your footprint

When walking through nature we are asked to leave only our footprints behind. That’s a noble approach, but is it possible? The fact is that humans have a much bigger impact than what we see at first glance – even if we only leave our prints behind. So if we do inevitably have an impact […]

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Getting Our Act Together by Glen Ochre

Getting Our Act Together – Book Review

Working with groups can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Working successfully with groups requires skills and tools that we aren’t necessarily born with, and that’s where this guide can be of help. Glen Ochre, a respected facilitator and educator, passed away earlier in the year. In Getting Our Act Together she shares her […]

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Pip logo

Pip – Australia’s new permaculture magazine

It’s been over a decade since Australia had it’s own Permaculture Magazine. The March equinox launch of Pip at the CERES Harvest Festival in Melbourne brought many old hands out to celebrate Robyn Rosenfeldt’s new venture. The successful crowd funding campaign helped raise the funds to print and mail out the first edition. Along with the […]

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Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the new frontier

Permaculture Pioneers eBook release

Melliodora Publishing is proud to announce the launch of the eBook edition of ‘Permaculture Pioneers’. The personal stories of 26 very different permaculturists give you an insight into the people side of permaculture, what makes them and the movement tick. In this new form you can use your favourite electronic gadget to read about the […]

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