Human ingenuity used to transform energy from our environment to more useful resources

Reuse & creative recycling: Decentralised and context specific reuse of materials through craft, rather than centralised industrial processes.

Hand tools: Recovery and maintenance of traditional tools and skills.

Bicycles & electric bikes: Human powered and assisted transport that improves the efficiency of the human body.

Efficient & low pollution wood stoves: Rocket and other stove designs using simple materials and local construction.

Fuels from organic wastes: Bio-diesel, methanol, biogas and wood gas for local cooking, electricity and transport.

Wood gasification: Efficient and carbon neutral fuel for local electric power and vehicle transport.

Bio-char from forest wastes: Charcoal soil improver and carbon capture.

Co-generation: Use of fuel to generate electricity and provide heat for on-site use.

Micro-hydro & small scale wind: Simple renewable technologies for remote and local grid power.

Grid-tied renewable power generation: Use of the electric grid as a “battery” for localised power generation.

Energy storage: Heat banks, pumped storage (water), compressed air, and other simple temporary stores of energy.

Transition engineering: Re-localisation of the maintenance, retrofit and redesign of infrastructure and technology.