Alternative exchange systems reduce reliance on the fragile monetary economy

Farmers markets & community supported agriculture (CSA): Direct connection and contracting between producers and consumers without the middlemen.

Tradable energy quotas: A parallel currency to allow equitable distribution and trade of the right to consume and pollute.

Life cycle analysis & ’emergy’ accounting: Wholistic methods for measuring the full costs and benefits of existing and new technologies and economies.

Local & regional currencies: Interest-free money systems that serve a defined and limited territory.

Carpooling, ride sharing & car share: Rebuilding community by more efficient use of existing cars and roads.

Ethical investment & fair trade: Using the power of investment and consumption to drive equitable economies.

WWOOFing & similar networks: Voluntary exchange of work for food, accommodation and experience of ecological living.

Also, check out the work of Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua on the 8 Forms of Capital.