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Physical products – For enquiries related to purchases of physical products, please use our Sales Order Issues contact form. Digital products –  For enquiries related to purchases of digital products, please read our Downloads Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have any issues, please use the Download Issues Contact Form at the bottom of the Downloads FAQ page.

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FEEDBACK – If you’ve got feedback we’d love to hear any thoughts that you have about the site. GUEST POSTS – Only welcomed by permaculture practitioners, please let us know who you have studied or collaborated with and your idea in order to be considered. LINKS – Suggestions for links will be considered if the links are provided in the contact form and they genuinely relate to permaculture. If you have found a broken link, please let us know what it is and I’ll endeavour to fix it. For more about the website view the about us page. Urgent – If your matter is urgent you may call us within business hours in Australia on 03 5741 9623‬, although the contact form below is preferred. Don’t want to use the form? Email us at [email protected]
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