Earth Care Fair Share People Care

Look after self, kin and community

If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.

The icon of the two people together, represents the need for companionship and collaborative efforts to affect change.

People Care begins with ourselves and expands to include our families, neighbours and wider communities. The challenge is to grow through self-reliance and personal responsibility. Self-reliance becomes more feasible when we focus on non-material well-being, taking care of ourselves and others without producing or consuming unnecessary material resources.

By accepting personal responsibility for our situation as far as possible, rather than blaming others, we empower ourselves. If we can recognise that a greater wisdom lies within a group of people, we can work with others to bring about the best outcomes for all involved.

The permaculture approach is to focus on the positives, the opportunities that exist rather than the obstacles, even in the most desperate situations.

Human by Formidable Vegetable represents the ethic People Care and is available on the album Grow Do It.