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OH Draw Knife 5

Using a drawknife to transform wood

Principle 9: Use Small and Slow Solutions In this guest post, Oliver Holmgren shares the joy and method of using a drawknife. Almost forgotten, this simple and versatile tool has been used for millennia to shape wood. Oliver recently built a fence using traditional methods at Melliodora. Old branches had the sap wood removed to […]

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Cooking & heating cleanly with wood

Principle 5: Use & value renewable resources & services Do it Yourselfer #14 Typically the biggest consumer of energy in our homes in winter is for heating our living spaces and our hot water supply. We can do this without using high value energy like electricity. Consider this, a heater might use 2000W/h of energy […]

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Kai (left) and Sen play fight with home made wooden swords

Using and Valuing Wood

Principle 5: Use & value renewable resources & services Do It Yourselfer #2 We are approaching a new era, one in which resourcefulness will come into it’s own, as it has through hard times of the past. The living memory of the Great Depression of the 1930’s has almost passed us by. Most of us […]

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