Planting by the moon

Principle 1: Observe and interact Do it Yourselfer #6 The cycles of the moon have influenced gardeners from diverse cultures over many centuries. While science may not fully understand why planting by the moon works, anecdotal evidence suggests that it does. Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren’s writes “good design depends on a free and harmonious relationship […]

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Maximising yield from Boysenberries

Principle 3: Obtain a yield Do it Yourselfer #5 The third Permaculture Principle ‘Obtain a Yield’, uses the proverb “you can’t work on an empty stomach” as a way to help illustrate the importance of getting a reward for the work that one does. Rewards can come in many forms. Permaculture activists Ethan Roland and […]

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Making plant guards from scrap

Principle 11: Use edges & value the marginal Do it Yourselfer #4 If Al Qaeda’s threat of disrupting oil imports comes to pass then we will see just how dependent our society has become on refined energy. Australia now imports 90% of it’s oil from overseas, and nearly half of the national refineries have closed […]

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There’s nothing quite like homebrew beer

Principle 4: Apply self-regulation & accept feedback Do It Yourselfer #3 When I first saw a can of homebrew in the supermarket I imagined that it was a powder that you added water to – like Milo or something. The process was much more mysterious that what I imagined as a young fella. I discovered […]

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A Permaculture Food Forest in Three Years

Principle 12: Creatively use and respond to change   Nelson Lebo and his partner Dani purchased the worst house they could find in New Zealand and renovated it while planting over 100 fruit trees. Nelson’s blog Eco Thrifty Living contains a wealth of knowledge about his experiences, here he describes the development of their permaculture […]

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Using and Valuing Wood

Principle 5: Use & value renewable resources & services Do It Yourselfer #2 We are approaching a new era, one in which resourcefulness will come into it’s own, as it has through hard times of the past. The living memory of the Great Depression of the 1930’s has almost passed us by. Most of us […]

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Each journey starts with a first do-able step

Meaningful change:

Nurturing an inner permaculture to enable a deeper outer permaculture By Professor Stuart B Hill, originally published in Issue #2 of Pip magazine.   Permaculture Principle: ‘Apply self-regulation and accept feedback’   The aim of this article is to explain why sometimes actions fall short of professed high ideals, or even contradict them. It’s about […]

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Raising garden beds using concrete roof tiles

Principle 6: Produce no waste In an effort to get more engaged with my local community I began writing a regular article for the Telegraph, our local newspaper. My plan is to write an article every couple of weeks about projects that I’m involved in or inspired by – I’ve decided to call the column: […]

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Getting Our Act Together by Glen Ochre

Getting Our Act Together – Book Review

Working with groups can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Working successfully with groups requires skills and tools that we aren’t necessarily born with, and that’s where this guide can be of help. Glen Ochre, a respected facilitator and educator, passed away earlier in the year. In Getting Our Act Together she shares her […]

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