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Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power

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If you want to introduce alternative power supplies around the home and garden or even live totally off-grid in your boat, caravan or yurt and need a practical introduction to solar power and 12 volt supplies, here is an essential guide to the subject.

Not only will it save you money, it will show you how to run your lights, laptop, DVDs and music, and even your tools and household products, from a simple 12 volt system. Be in control of more of your home’s own energy supply, develop a low impact way of living and be prepared for power cuts and for power down situations in the future!


Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power begins with a lesson in how electricity works and the main components of a DIY 12 Volt solar system. The author uses clear diagrams and terms. There is, of course, more technical information as the book progresses, but don’t worry, this no-nonsense guide provides a useful, back-to-basics approach for the layperson.

This is a reference book that will help you trouble-shoot and get the best value for money from what you can find hidden in the back of the garage. Quirky and humorous, it also shows you how to make a sun following system using just a bicycle wheel, a pallet and the motor from a CD player!

“Michel goes that extra mile, but he has the great gift of making it lively and fun. Both the man and this book are a real inspiration.” Chris Stewart, author of Driving Over Lemons.

3rd edition published 2016 (first published 2007)

B&W paperback, 160 pages. 158 line drawings and 38 diagrams – ISBN 9781856232425

About the Author

Michel Daniek was born in 1964 in Germany. He grew up as the only son of a plumber, and from an early age enjoyed playing in his father’s workshop. Later he became an industrial mechanic in the motor industry but soon started wondering if there could be alternative ways of living. He then worked as a bicycle mechanic for handicapped people for some years, but on reaching 30 he found himself totally dissatisfied with the German way of life. He bought himself a truck and left in search of other ways to live. During his travels Michel experimented with a small solar system in his truck and ever since has used solar energy in his day to day life. In 1997 he finally settled in a new home in an alternative village in the sunny south of Spain. He is now married and has two daughters, and works in many different ecologic and sustainable projects all around Orgiva.


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