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Josh Byrne

The Magic of Gardening – Josh Byrne

Josh Byrne is a permaculture pioneer who shares part of his story of how he came to embrace permaculture and how it has changed his outer, and inner, landscapes… Josh Byrne is an environmental scientist with a passion for sustainable gardening, appropriate technology and innovative environmental design. Best known for his role as the WA […]

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2017 Pc-Calendar-Combined-

The 2017 permaculture calendar selection

Each year we update the website with twelve fresh images to illustrate the design principles. These photos were submitted from people around the world and were selected to feature in the 2017 Permaculture Calendar. You can find out more about each of these images on the principle pages, starting with ‘Observe and Interact’. We are […]

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Annie and Adam in a medittive bliss

Finding pleasure in the free things in life

Australia is stupendously rich by world standards, and its citizens are spending their hard-earned dough in ever-greater quantities: $40 lunches, $200 shoes, $5 coffees. Many people still feel like they don’t have enough. We are clearly doing a Very Poor Job of turning our historically-unprecedented level of wealth into health and contentment. It seems a […]

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Open source Permaculture Guidebook for the tropics

A beautifully illustrated, practical, open-source guidebook tackling climate change and creating community resilience is being created, enabling people across the tropical world and beyond to have access to the information, strategies and techniques they need (and you can help make it happen!). Many of you may have heard about our project by now. Permatil (Permaculture […]

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2017 Permaculture Calendar

Our permaculture journey in images

Russ Grayson’s review of the 2017 Permaculture Calendar Originally published on the PacificEdge blog. WITHOUT DIRECTION we drift like a ship with a broken engine. With a sense of direction we move forward. But to have direction we have to know where we have come from. We have to know where we are going. The […]

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Robin Clayfield

Permaculture Pioneer Robin Clayfield

A little bit about Robin Robin Clayfield is a respected facilitator, trainer, author and musician with a passion for creative, interactive group work, permaculture, deep ecology, transition, empowerment work and ceremony. She taught over 30 PDCs from the late eighties through the nineties, created and taught Advanced Permaculture Creative Teachers Facilitation courses with Skye, led […]

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A History from the Future eBooklet

A History from the Future

Here’s an excerpt from David Holmgren’s A History from the Future – a prelude to his upcoming book RetroSuburbia. A History from the Future: a prosperous way down Long time central Victorian resident and co-originator of the globally influential permaculture concept, David Holmgren draws on his Future Scenarios work to paint a picture of how […]

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2016 Calendar image collection

Feature your project in the Permaculture Calendar

Each year we update the website with twelve fresh images to illustrate the principles. These photos were submitted from people around the world and were selected to feature in the 2016 Permaculture Calendar. Now we are looking for the next twelve. We are always on the lookout for images to help give a wider interpretation […]

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Land Cultures Event at Daylesford Town Hall

Aboriginal agricultural practice and permaculture

In the most moving event that I have ever attended, Bruce Pascoe revealed ancient agricultural practices that I had never heard of. Right here in Australia, cropping and bread making was first developed, going against all of our teachings. Why has this history been withheld from us? Like many colonised countries, Australia has a dark […]

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Collecting rainwater in tanks give plenty of options for reuse

Making most of rainwater around the home

Principle 5: Use & value renewable resources & services In this guest post, Tim Sparke teamed up with Richard Telford to write about how we can take advantage of the water that falls from the sky. We list some of the ways in which rainwater can be collected and stored to make use of it […]

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